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Niels Bohr Archive: Topical Images etc, 2013

The Bohr family grave - Niels Bohr's Grave on Youtube in Assistens Cemetery English, Danish

Experimentarium's short film from symposium January 2013

John Heilbron's lecture 11 June 2013 My courage is ablaze so wildly
at the Danish Royal Academy

April 1913 Niels Bohr appointed lecturer at the University of Copenhagen

Place of work: Polyteknisk Læreanstalt,
Sølvgade. (Photo 1894)

Niels Bohr's Trilogy: On the Constitution of Atoms and Molecules was published in Phil. Mag. in 3 parts in July, September and October 1913
Reprinted in Niels Bohr Collected Works, vol.2, p.159 ff.
Reproduced here: Trilogy I, Trilogy II, Trilogy III

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