8. Translation.


<Prompted by very urgent questions, I have, however, wondered from which> official police agency permission was given to talk to me about a question which was surrounded by such great secrecy and held such great dangers. (1)–(2) Much later, when the war had taken such a different course from that which you and Weizsäcker expressed such strong conviction about at that [time], Jensen came through Copenhagen [in] the summer[?] shortly before my escape and talked to me [about] efforts to increase the production of heavy water in Norway and hinted in this connection that the German physicists were only considering general technical energy generation. At this time I was also very <cautious> with my statements, partly on the basis of the ever stronger rumours stemming from Germany about new weapons, partly because of the very dangerous situation in which I found myself as a consequence of constant <surveillance> on the part of the Gestapo and the feeling of imminent arrest from which, however, I <escaped at the last moment. Thus, the problem for me is>