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George de Hevesy.1885-2010

George de Hevesy - Denmark, England, Germany, Hungary, Sweden

Chemist, born Budapest, Hungary 1885. Educated Budapest and Berlin; Freiburg 1905, Ph.D 1908. Employment: Zürich 1908-10; Karlsruhe 1910; Manchester (Rutherford) 1911-13; Hungarian army 1914-18; NBI 1919-26; prof. phys.-chem. Freiburg 1926-34; prof. NBI 1934-43; Inst. Research in Organic Chemistry, Stockholm U., 1943-. Swedish citizenship 1944.
Fellow Royal Society, 1939, Copley Medal 1949, Faraday Medal 1951. Nobel Prize (chemistry) for 1943, awarded 1944 "for his work on the use of isotopes as tracers in the study of chemical processes."; Atoms for Peace medal 1958; Niels Bohr Medal 1961.
Author: Das Element Hafnium, 1927; Quantitative Analysis by X-rays, 1932; Praktikum der Röntgenspektroskopischen Analyse, 1932; Radioactive Indicators, 1948.
Discovered new element, hafnium, with Coster, 1923.
Calculated relative abundance of chemical elements in universe; discovered use of radioactive tracers in study of chemical processes, especially in living organisms; research using lead and phosphorus as tracers, 1934; discovered dynamic state of chemical change in the body; research on separation of isotopes by physical means.
Died Freiburg 1966.

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