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Niels Bohr Archive: Graffiti 1988

"The house of magic", "Copenhagen Research Centre", "Utopia", "Atomic Science"

In 1988, with the permission of the Niels Bohr Iinstitute, 17 year old graffiti painter Fabian Francksen painted the surrounding wall of NBI. Fabian had often passed by NBI, and thought it was a pity that the wall was just full of vandalism, so he contacted NBI with a proposal to decorate the wall for free. NBI was only to pay for the paint. NBI immediately welcomed the idea.

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The painting includes the Yin and Yang symbol, which is part of Niels Bohr's coat of arms. It also includes several scientific equations, such as "E=MC2" (Einstein's famous equation for mass-energy equivalence) and "hv=E2-E1" (Niels Bohr's equation for the relationship between energy levels of an atom and the frequency of emitted radiation.).

As can be seen in the above 2 photos, the painting is still visible today,
although faded and mostly hidden by a beech hedge.

Below, original photos, taken by Prof. Ge Ge in 1989, have been stitched together to show the full painting.

The following is the complete painting in one, scrollable from side to side:

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